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How To Use Zestica Fertility

Directions for use of Zestica Fertility spray

Apply Zestica to the genitals using the spray applicator to mimic the body's natural secretions. Alternatively spray Zestica on to the fingers and apply to the genitals. Apply until the desirted lubrication is reached.

Zestica may be applied during intercourse or a few minutes prior. It can be re-applied as required.

Turn patented spray applicator anticlockwise to unlock and fully depress. Each full spray provides 0.15ml of lubricant. After each use turn clockwise to locK container.

The product expiry date is printed on the applicator. Discard after this date

How to use Zestica pre-filled applicators

How to use Zestica pre-filled applicators

Using Zestica Fertility is quick & easy.
Each box of Zestica contains 6 individual single use pre-filled applicators designed for vaginal application prior to intercourse.

Directions for useRemove the cap from the applicator. While laying down, insert the applicator into the vagina and gently squeeze. One applicator should allow for sufficient lubrication . Intercourse can begin immediately or up to 15 minutes after application.
Do not re-use opened tubes.
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