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Introduction to Zestica Fertility Lubricant

Introduction to Zestica Fertility Lubricant

Zestica Fertility is a new vaginal lubricant for couples trying to conceive and is designed to enhance sperm movement. It has been researched and tested by leading scientists in the field.

Zestica Fertility lubricant- the science behind Zestica Fertility

Zestica Fertility 'gives sperm a chance'. It contains the natural ingredient Hyaluronic Acid (HA) with a combination of different molecular weight to sustain its stability in the vaginal acidic environment. HA is a super-water absorbant with natural moisturisation functionality which makes it a fantastic lubricant with a well proven safety profile, due to its natural properties.

Christopher Barratt, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Dundee, investigated the effect of Zestica Fertility on sperm motility. It was found that Zestica Fertility effectively maintained the motility of sperm. Furthermore, there was evidence that Zestica Fertility enhanced the motility of poor quality sperm (data on file).
Prof. Barratt also examined whether Zestica Fertility harmed sperm DNA, and determined that the product was comparable to the control medium G-IVFTM PLUS, which is used routinely by IVF clinics for the preparation and handling of gametes, and for in vitro fertilization. In other words, Zestica Fertility did not cause DNA damage (data on file).
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the water-carrying ingredient in Zestica Fertility. HA occurs naturally throughout the body, and for example, is found in abundance in the female reproductive tract where it plays important roles in the fertilization process and later stages of pregnancy.

HA has been widely studied since it was first identified in the 1930s and its safety profile is well-established. HA is now used extensively in cosmetics for its moisturising capacity, as well as in medical devices for eye surgery (a protective moisturizer and lubricant) and for treatment of osteoarthritic joints (replenishes disease-diminished levels of HA to restore lubrication and provide anti-inflammatory effects). Buy Zestica Fertility lubricant online

Why is Hyaluronic acid important ?

The composition and characteristics of cervical mucus change considerably throughout the menstrual cycle (and during pregnancy). Cervical mucus is only receptive to sperm up to 6 days prior to, and approximately 1 day following, ovulation. During the rest of the menstrual cycle cervical mucus is "hostile" to sperm i.e. sperm are unable to penetrate.

The ejaculate consists of spermatozoa and seminal plasma with sperm comprising only 5% of the ejaculate. The seminal plasma contains a myriad of factors which act to provide the sperm with energy and protection whilst in the vagina. In humans, sperm are thought to enter the cervix via cervical mucus relatively quickly after ejaculation (within 1hour). Sperm that remain in the vagina for a long time will die and in order to survive, and progress to the egg, they need to swim and enter the cervical mucus which acts as a comparative haven. Upon entering cervical mucus, they are stripped of their outer coat (which acts to keep them in a suppressed non fertile state) and thus undergo the first stage of activation (termed capacitation). It is unknown how long sperm remain in the cervix in an active state, yet still remain capable of fertilisation, but studies in the laboratory would indicate this can be several days.

The concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the cervix changes throughout pregnancy, and in particular increases during the latter stages of pregnancy where it is thought to play a significant role in cervical ripening (remodelling of the cervix in preparation for birth).

The role of HA in cervical mucus and its subsequent effect on sperm is not well understood. However,
HA has been used as a cervical mucus substitute for laboratory sperm function studies for the last 25 years. As such, there is a wealth of information regarding the interaction of HA with sperm. HA has been used as a cervical mucus substitute because its structure and properties are similar. The penetration of sperm into HA is highly correlated with semen characteristics and sperm function testing - to the same degree as with cervical mucus. Additionally, the functional capacity of sperm that have penetrated HA or cervical mucus (motility, capacitation status, fertilising ability) are very similar. Therefore penetration into HA is regarded as a simple and objective means of measuring the functional competence of sperm and is widely used as an effective alternative to human cervical mucus
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