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Zestica Fertility Recommendations

Zestica Fertility testimonials and success stories from the UK

I got pregnant using Zestica fertility spray and the ISIS fertility microscope. We used the lubricant because we heard it was good and it made our love making so much more comfortable & fun. My dh really liked the spray :) Kelly

'Ordering Zestica spray again as conceived my first child second month of using Zestica. Now TTC for our second child' AL 4/10/11 Telephone order

Friend recommended Zestica. Trying to get pregnant after miscarriage

Recommendation by TTC forum

We used Zestica and achieved out BFP news the first cycle we tried it. We liked it as it felt more "natural" and it really does work! Worth every penny.
Best wishes x review on Babycentre

This got me pregnant!,
After trying for over a year to conceive and getting some pretty poor results back from the doctors we tried this and hey presto I am pregnant!!

We used Zestica spray on the run-up to ov then on ov day we used both the zestica spray and the internal pre-seed. Sounds like overkill but it worked! Got my bfp on second month of UPSI and only our first month of properly "trying" Babyexpert forum

Hi i used the zastica spray and concieved both months using it the first unfortunatly ended in mc but the second month was a sticky one and my son is going to be born in less than 16 weeks.
Zestica all the way.xxxx Babyexpert forum

I used zestica and got pregnant straight away!
YM Babyexpert forum

''We got a BFP the first month we tried Zestica!''

We need a lube for outside rather than up by my cervix, IYSWIM, as DH is quite big. Zestica was way nicer and more effective on that front, I tended to just spray a bit on my fingers and dab it around the entrance to my vagina.

''After hearing rave review about it from a friend, I have bought some Zestica fertility lubrication (its a spray) for us to use this month ''
NB Babycentre

This is my first time of using Zestica, and i tell you i will be back for more in our journey to TTC, will keep you posted as i may be out this month but we will keep trying for next month and will post an update soon.Thank you
Warm regards Rebecca

Buy Zestica Fertility Spray online

Zestica is very light and natural feeling, just like fertile/EW CM. I've been very happy using it.

"Zestica is a light, sperm-friendly lubricant which can help vaginal dryness and assist conception. It is useful for both natual (NI) and artifical forms of insemination".

I'm a bit embarrassed by these sorts of things so I decided to buy the spray appicator online. It was so easy to purchase. It arrived in a discreet little package the next day which was easily posted through my letter box. Brilliant. Leslie, Swansea.

It was very pleasant to touch and felt great on my skin. Sarah, Durham.

Not too greasy. Great when I was a bit dry. Mrs Gilling, Edinburgh.

Very simple to use with no mess or fuss! And it fits easily into my handbag! Fab. Wendy, Birmingham.

I would certainly highly recommend this product mostly due to its ease of application and use. Very pleasant. Karen, Dewsbury.

The package is excellent and very appealing and the spray applicator was very easy to use. M. Turner, Sheffield

Brian and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now. We are having sex quite a lot and I feel quite dry sometimes. We were told about Zestica by a friend who is using it so we thought we would give it a go. We have found that sex is much more pleasurable now and the lubricant has such a natural feel, it's great. We'll let you know how we get on with the pitter patter of tiny feet!
Mandy, Norwich.

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Christopher Barratt, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Dundee, investigated the effect of Zestica Fertility on sperm motility. It was found that Zestica Fertility effectively maintained the motility of sperm. Furthermore, there was evidence that Zestica Fertility enhanced the motility of poor quality sperm (data on file).

Prof. Barratt also examined whether Zestica Fertility harmed sperm DNA, and determined that the product was comparable to the control medium G-IVFTM PLUS, which is used routinely by IVF clinics for the preparation and handling of gametes, and for in vitro fertilization. In other words, Zestica Fertility did not cause DNA damage (data on file).

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the water-carrying ingredient in Zestica Fertility. HA occurs naturally throughout the body, and for example, is found in abundance in the female reproductive tract where it plays important roles in the fertilization process and later stages of pregnancy.

HA has been widely studied since it was first identified in the 1930s and its safety profile is well-established. HA is now used extensively in cosmetics for its moisturizing capacity, as well as in medical devices for eye surgery (a protective moisturizer and lubricant) and for treatment of osteoarthritic joints (replenishes disease-diminished levels of HA to restore lubrication and provide anti-inflammatory effects).


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After trying for over a year to conceive and getting some pretty poor results back from the doctors we tried this and hey presto I am pregnant Customer Feedback

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