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Zestica-Fertility 6 Applicator Vaginal Lubricant Pack

Zestica Fertility is the only personal lubricant with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), shown to increase sperm motility.
6 pre-filled vaginal applicators of Zestica Fertility Lubricant.

Zestica Fertility LubricantWhy choose Zestica Fertility 6 Pre-filled applicator packs...

-Scientific results demonstrate enhanced sperm movement including increased performance of poor sperm
-gentle natural ingredient based formula
-manufactured in Europe

Applicator design allow just the right amount of lubricant to be applied around the cervix prior to sex.

Zestica Fertility lubricant has been formulated specifically for conception and fertility success. Zestica Fertility pre-filled vaginal applicators are great for those with low cervical mucus levels or vaginal dryness, making sex more comfortable & enjoyable without harming sperm.

Zestica Fertility lubricant is odourless and gentle to the touch: couples who have used Zestica Fertility report an enjoyable natural experience.

'Zestica Fertility is very light and natural feeling, just like fertile/EW CM. I've been very happy using it'

This is my first time of using Zestica, and i tell you i will be back for more in our journey to TTC, will keep you posted as i may be out this month but we will keep trying for next month and will post an update soon.

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After trying for over a year to conceive and getting some pretty poor results back from the doctors we tried this and hey presto I am pregnant Customer Feedback

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