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News & Research

Zestica Fertility News & Research

Zestica Fertility News & Research

Tests conducted at the University of Dundee has shown that Zestica Fertility significantly increases sperm motility and is not harmful to sperm

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The Zestica Conception Kit Planner iphone app availbale on itunes enables you to plan the best time to have a baby and to use the Conception Kit products to help you conceive.

It is available to download free from itunes.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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A fertility scientist testimonial

"Using the Zestica lubricant during sexual intercourse helps couples trying to conceive by giving them the assurance that sperm mobility will not be reduced", says Dr Zhao. He also highlighted the fact that "Zestica is made from a natural occurring molecule which provides moisture and is not harmful to sperm, this helps create the best possible environment during sexual intercourse for couples trying to get pregnant."

For women who suffer from dryness, Dr Zhao adds that "Zestica has been formulated containing a special molecule called Hyaluronic Acid. This draws water into the vaginal tissues."

To help combat dryness, you should use Zestica daily for about a week and then reduce usage to two to three times a week, as needed. This should maintain a comfortable vaginal area

Zestica & sperm motility-the research

Christopher Barratt, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Dundee, investigated the effect of Zestica Fertility on sperm motility. It was found that Zestica Fertility effectively maintained the motility of sperm. Furthermore, there was evidence that Zestica Fertility enhanced the motility of poor quality sperm (data on file).

Prof. Barratt also examined whether Zestica Fertility harmed sperm DNA, and determined that the product was comparable to the control medium G-IVFTM PLUS, which is used routinely by IVF clinics for the preparation and handling of gametes, and for in vitro fertilization. In other words, Zestica Fertility did not cause DNA damage (data on file).

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the water-carrying ingredient in Zestica Fertility. HA occurs naturally throughout the body, and for example, is found in abundance in the female reproductive tract where it plays important roles in the fertilization process and later stages of pregnancy.

HA has been widely studied since it was first identified in the 1930s and its safety profile is well-established. HA is now used extensively in cosmetics for its moisturizing capacity, as well as in medical devices for eye surgery (a protective moisturizer and lubricant) and for treatment of osteoarthritic joints (replenishes disease-diminished levels of HA to restore lubrication and provide anti-inflammatory effects).

Zestica Conception Kit designed for conception success

To call a birth a "miracle" is not far off the mark when you consider all the parameters that have to be just right to achieve conception.

Millions of couples worldwide discover that it can take a while for this miracle to happen and for some, this leads all the way to IVF.

The Zestica Conception Kit has brought together a number of important factors that give couples more control over some of these things in the comfort of their own homes.
It is difficult to pinpoint for each individual couple what the issue or issues are. Whilst the Conception Kit may not address your particular issue it will still aim to get the woman to the time of ovulation in a good condition for conception.

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After trying for over a year to conceive and getting some pretty poor results back from the doctors we tried this and hey presto I am pregnant Customer Feedback

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